Ro-ro ferry lost bow ramp in Pacific ocean

Fiji inter-islands ferry LIAHONA 2 encountered a frightening accident early in the morning Apr 19 while en route from Suva to Kadavu island, with passengers and vehicles on board. Ferry lost her bow ramp in fresh seas, and of course, immediately started to take in water, on a cargo deck, while other compartments remained waterproof. Ferry issued distress signal, received by MRCC Fiji. Private plane from Kadavu resort took pictures of the distressed ship, and assisted with communications. Fiji Navy ship was deployed. Ferry managed to slowly proceed towards Kadavu, escorted by Navy ship, and safely reached island. LIAHONA 2 was operating just for a week after undergoing repairs.
Ro-ro passenger ship LIAHONA 2, MMSI 520294000, length 36 meters, flag Fiji.



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