Russian freighter headlong bridge hit, Busan – VIDEO

Russian cargo ship SEAGRAND struck a bridge in Busan, Korea, at around 1623 LT Feb 28. Both ship and bridge sustained serious damages. Bridge traffic is closed, status and position of the ship not known yet. No details on the cause of accident. Judging from video, either the ship went out of control, veered off course and struck the bridge, or people on the bridge were, kind of, deranged.

Update: SEAGRAND was reportedly bound for Vladivostok, Russia, with cargo of steel coils, after offloading a cargo of steel pipes. Captain was found by police to be intoxicated. Prior to bridge hit, SEAGRAND reportedly, contacted berthed cruise ship.

General cargo ship SEAGRAND, IMO 8520202, dwt 9672, built 1986, flag Russia, manager GRAND MARINE CO LTD-RUS, Vladivostok.



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