Fishing wars in South Atlantic. Chinese vs. Brazilian.

Tuna fishing vessel OCEANO PESCA 1 was rammed by Chinese tuna vessel CHANG RONG 4 on Nov 22 in South Atlantic fishing grounds some 430 nm east of Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, in apparently, a dispute over fishing grounds. There’s an incessant war going on globally over rich fishing grounds, the area where this latest incident occurred being infested with Chinese, Japanese, Thai and other nations fisheries. OCEANO PESCA 1 survived the attack and reached home port on Nov 25 under own power, though badly damaged.
Tuna fishing vessel CHANG RONG 4, Call sign BZZW6, GT 591, built 1997, flag China, owner Zhong Yu Global Seafood Corporation.
Tuna fishing vessel OCEANO PESCA 1, Call sign PQ2470, length 24 meters, flag Brazil.



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