Allegedly hijacked Greek tanker found safe in port. Well, allegedly.

Missing tanker PANTELENA found safe and sound in Owenda port, Gabon, said Russian major media on Aug 23, citing Africa News TV report according to which tanker “was spotted on Wednesday (Aug 23) by the multinational coordination centre in Pointe Noire, Congo”.
Faulty electronic equipment of regional maritime security centre CREMAC caused all the trouble, added Africa News TV.
Hopefully, the news is correct and PANTELENA is safe, but some doubts remain, because there’s no AIS signal yet, latest dated Aug 14. Owenda port is covered by land-based AIS stations, and if tanker is berthed at port, there should be a signal. There’s none yet. Ship or crew management company’s statement are also missing, so the only source of the news is Africa News TV, without confirmation from any other source.
Taking into account an ongoing mess with news on Russian cargo ship arrest in South Africa, it is better to wait for confirmation on PANTELENA news, preferably issued by managers.
Voytenko Mikhail
August 24, 2018

Initial news:
Greek tanker feared hijacked in Gulf of Guinea
August 18, 2018 3:16 am
Tanker PANTELENA is missing since late Aug 13 in Gulf of Guinea, all contacts are reported lost, according to statement issued by crewing company from Georgia, Black sea. Crew include 17 Georgia citizen and 2 Russian. Tanker was en route from Lome Togo to Libreville Gabon, last known position dated 2100 UTC Aug 13 in 00 32N 008 48E, some 40 nm west of Libreville. Tanker is deployed in Gulf of Guinea trade, calling ports of coastal States, such as Togo, Gabon, Nigeria, Liberia, Ghana. Owner and crewing company are fearing pirates hijack.
Product tanker PANTELENA, IMO 9321469, dwt 10726, built 2006, flag Panama, manager LOTUS SHIPPING CO. LTD, Greece.



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