Turkish freighter accident off Corsica: is it accident, or act of State piracy?

Owner (http://www.dizman.com.tr) of Turkish freighter which ran into trouble in Mediterranean off Corsica on Jan 16, finds accident news and interpretation, given by French CG and media, incorrect, and wrote to Maritime Bulletin. According to owner, the ship wasn’t in danger, and resumed sailing after fixing main engine fuel filters problem in less, than an hour. Master and owner didn’t ask for assistance. The ship was ordered, nevertheless, to proceed to Ajaccio, Corsica. She reached Ajaccio under own power, escorted by French SAR ship. She’s still docked at Ajaccio, owner lost time and money, the ship meanwhile, is waiting for lube oil supply.
One may doubt owner’s report, but such incidents happen regularly – ships which aren’t in actual trouble, providing they’re in coastal State waters, are forced into salvage, by CG and MRCC request or direct order. Or being detained by PSC because of this or that deficiency, they’re forced into fixing deficiency by companies or specialists, “recommended” by PSC and port authorities.
Maritime international bodies meticulously monitor and record all types of piracy, be it hijack or petty theft. Described above malpractices happen everywhere on a regular basis, and basically, they’re acts of States’ piracies. There’s no other definition for enforced “salvage” or “repairs” except “State-backed (or instigated) piracy”. Still, such incidents are totally overlooked by all those, who claim and praise themselves as representatives of merchant marine.
Voytenko Mikhail
January 19, 2018

Initial news:
Turkish freighter disabled dangerously close to Corsica
January 16, 2018
General cargo ship BURHAN DIZMAN 3 was disabled after propulsion failure and started to drift at around 0515 UTC Jan 16 in close vicinity of Corsica southwest coast, towards coast, in stormy weather conditions. According to AIS track, the ship managed to regain propulsion and started to move to the sea from dangerously close coast, at a reduced speed of some 3.5 – 4.0 knots, escorted by French SAR ship ABEILLE FLANDRE. Team of technical specialists understood to board the ship from helicopter. BURHAN DIZMAN 3 left Fos France in the afternoon Jan 15, bound for Gemlik Turkey. Probably she’ll be taken to nearest port for proper repairs and survey. Photo of troubled BURHAN DIZMAN 3 from MRCC France.
General cargo ship BURHAN DIZMAN 3, IMO 9648843, dwt 7371, built 2013, flag Panama, manager DIZMAN SHIPPING & TRADE CO LTD, Istanbul.



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